About Delta Land

Delta Land Services, LLC is an environmental restoration, mitigation and land management company providing complete and comprehensive mitigation services to both private and public industry. Located in Port Allen, Louisiana, Delta was founded in 2009 under the leadership and direction of Mr. George Guerin. By 2010, Delta had doubled in size and was on its way to becoming a leading environmental restoration and mitigation company in Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi. Delta maintains a strong vision of growth and continues to advance in knowledge, technology and industry development. We use our internal and external resources to excel as a leader in ecology, stream design, wetland restoration, hydrology, and engineering to restore and conserve streams, wetlands, and endangered species habitats.

Our Philosphy

In its years of operation, Delta has maintained a strong reputation for providing quality service while underlining a pledge to being a technical, dependable, and responsive mitigation provider. Delta delivers customized mitigation projects and/or geographically broad mitigation services that are collaborative, long-term and completed in a timely and technically sound manner.

Mitigation banking is a capital intensive approach to compensating for unavoidable wetland impacts associated with development and infrastructure growth. Delta is privately funded through its three owners/partners allowing for flexibility, total control of day-to-day activities, and focus on project execution and client deliverables. Without outsourcing to a third party, Delta’s internal staff is fully equipped to provide its clients with all turn-key operations. This staff of dedicated professionals has extensive experience in ecology, biology, conservation and restoration; and includes Certified Wildlife Biologists, Professional Wetland Scientists and Certified Foresters.

In addition, Delta has construction specialists on staff experienced in wetland construction activities such as heavy equipment operation, vegetation establishment, herbicide application and contractor management. Delta’s concentration is in the land and our team’s capacity to understand the natural biological function of wetlands, streams, and other habitats. The end goal is to invest our time, financial resources and people in property that is technically fit for restoration and that will provide a significant return both ecologically and financially, all of which is based on our market knowledge and research.

Our Process

Site Selection & Acquisition

The mitigation process begins with an extensive market analysis and our existing relationships with clients to evaluate market demand. If there is a foreseeable need for mitigation, our real estate team will begin a property search within the selected area, which is defined by a Hydrological Unit Catalogue (HUC) code. Once a suitable property is identified, our technical team completes a desktop analysis of the site to further verify the site’s ability to provide a substantial ecological lift upon restoration. Delta invests in properties that have been prior converted from a wetland at some point in the distant past. This allows our team to create the most ecological lift and, in return, receive more credit for restoration done on the site, as well as return the site to its original intent as a valuable wetland resource for the surrounding ecosystem. This type of restoration is done through re-establishment and/or enhancement. Upon receiving a satisfactory evaluation from the technical team, the real estate professionals will then secure access for an on-site assessment of the site. At this point, Delta will then evaluate the three main factors: the potential ecological lift as determined by the technical team, the market demand, and the costs to develop and operate the site. If these criteria meet the overall business plan, Delta will then acquire the site and go forward with bank development.

The 12-Step Process

Once a site is acquired, the technical team will begin to draft a mitigation plan to be submitted to the US Army Corps of Engineers for approval. All mitigation plans must meet all conditions necessary per 33 CFR 332.4 (c) (2) through 33 CFR 332.4 (13) (the 12-step process):

  1. Objectives
  2. 2. Site Selection
  3. Site Protection Instrument
  4. Baseline Information
  5. Determination of Credits
  6. Mitigation Work Plan
  7. Maintenance Plan
  8. Performance Standards
  9. Monitoring Requirements
  10. Long-term Management Plan
  11. Adaptive Management Plan
  12. Financial Assurances

At Delta, the 12-step process is completely accomplished in-house. To add benefit, Delta has experience with multiple regulatory branches with the US Corps of Engineers: New Orleans, Vicksburg, Galveston and Fort Worth Districts. When the Corps and the Inter-agency Review Team (IRT) receive a mitigation plan from Delta Land Services they know, before even opening it, that the prospectus and the Mitigation Banking Instrument (MBI) will be complete, technically sound and well written. Our experience and understanding of the mitigation rule results in a significant decrease in permitting time.

Delta Land Services assumes the role of the party responsible for compensatory mitigation as defined in 33 CFR 332.3 (l)(1). As such, Delta serves in the capacity to acquire the land necessary, produce the mitigation plan as outlined above and to construct, monitor, maintain and manage the site throughout the life of the project. Delta has an experienced and equipped field team, who works in coordination with the technical team to assure successful construction, monitoring, maintenance and management of the property. This is an important relationship as to ensure the long-term success of our ongoing projects; in turn, it only strengthens Delta’s reputation within the mitigation banking community as a responsible steward of the environment and a viable, healthy business.

Delta is able to put up financial assurances satisfying the short-term risk; as well as providing funding for the long-term maintenance and management of the site. The long-term management fund is typically in the form of a non-wasting endowment, which stays with the project. The interest from the long-term management fund is available for use to maintain the project by the designated long-term steward.

A Turnkey Mitigation Provider

Delta provides turnkey mitigation solutions to permit applicants in need of wetland and/or steam mitigation. These services are inclusive of:

  • Site identification, selection and acquisition
  • Field assessment and delineation
  • Drafting of a complete Mitigation Plan that meets all conditions set within the 12-step process
  • Drafting of a complete Mitigation Work Plan, inclusive of long-term and adaptive management measures
  • Implementation of the Mitigation Plan: construct, monitor, maintain and manage the mitigation site throughout the life of the project
  • Financial Assurances (both short-term and long-term)



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