Mitigation Projects
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Project NameDetails
Bayou Conway Mitigation Bank
Project Size:  268 acres
Total Bank Size:  244 acres
Restoration Type:  Bottomland Hardwoods

Bayou Fisher Mitigation Bank
Project Size: 1313.5 acres
Total Bank Size:
Phase I:  495.0 acres of Bottomland HardwoodsPhase II:  243.7 acres of Bottomland Hardwoods& 120.1 acres of Baldcypress Swamp

Bayou Choupique Mitigation Bank
Project Size:  1450 acres
Total Bank Size:  558.9 acres of Bottomland Hardwood & 123.5 acres of Baldcypress Swamp
Approved Permitete-Responsible Mitigation (PRM):  448 acres contiguous to the Bank

Graham Creek Mitigation Bank
Project Size:  479.6 acres
Total Bank Size: 286.5 acres of Bottomland Hardwood & 30,134 linear feet of Stream Restoration and Preservation

Laurel Valley Coastal Mitigation Area
PRM Acres Now Available!
Project Size – 780.6 acres
Total Bank Size – 541 acres
PRM Acres – 239 acres

Little Bayou Pierre Mitigation Bank
Project Size: 111.5 acres
Total Bank Acreage:  109.3 acres of bottomland hardwoods and baldcypress forest restoration

Moss Lake Mitigation Bank
Project Size:  301.2 acres
Total Bank Size:  155.7 acres of Bottomland Hardwood & 137.7 acres of Coastal Prairie Wetland

Oak Land Mitigation Bank
Project Size:  460 acres
Total Bank Size: 437.7 acres of Bottomland Hardwoods

Phillips Creek Mitigation Bank
Project Size:  248 acres
Total Bank Size:  164.1 acres of Bottomland Hardwood & 17,694 linear feet of Stream Creation, Restoration, Enhancement and Protection

Ponderosa Ranch Mitigation Bank
Total Bank Size:  249.3 acres of Bottomland Hardwood & 52.6 acres of Baldcypress Swamp within a 2,131-acre site
Approved Permittee-Responsible Mitigation (PRM) Sites:  260 acres contiguous to the Bank

Roseland Refuge Mitigation Bank
Total Bank Size:  475 acres of within a 5,251-acre site known as Roseland Plantation
Restoration Type:  High and Low Phase Bottomland Hardwoods

South Fork Coastal Mitigation Bank
Project Size:  1,644.7 Acres
Total Mitigation Area: 1,610.2 Acres of Bottomland Hardwoods, Coastal Prairie & Emergent Marsh

Danza del Rio Mitigation Bank
Project Size:  984.4 acres
Total Bank Size:  888.4 acres
Approved Permittee-Responsible Mitigation (PRM):  45.08 acres contiguous to the Bank
Restoration Type:  Bottomland Hardwoods and Forested Riverine Wetlands



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