Mitigation Projects
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Project NameRestoration Type
Bayou Conway Mitigation Bank Bottomland Hardwoods
Bayou Fisher Mitigation BankBottomland Hardwoods & Baldcypress Swamp
Bayou Choupique Mitigation BankBottomland Hardwoods & Baldcypress Swamp
Danza del Rio Mitigation Bank Bottomland Hardwoods and Forested Riverine Wetlands
Graham Creek Mitigation BankBottomland Hardwood & Stream Restoration and Preservation
Laurel Valley Coastal Mitigation BankBottomland Hardwoods & Baldcypress Swamp
Little Bayou Pierre Mitigation Bank Bottomland Hardwoods & Baldcypress Forest Restoration
Little Linnville Mitigation AreaPalustrine Emergent & Palustrine Forested Wetlands
Long Island Cove Mitigation Bank Forested Wetlands & Palustrine Emergent Wetlands
Moss Lake Mitigation BankBottomland Hardwood & Coastal Prairie Wetland
Oak Land Mitigation Bank Bottomland Hardwoods
Phillips Creek Mitigation BankBottomland Hardwood & Stream Creation, Restoration, Enhancement and Protection
Ponderosa Ranch Mitigation BankBottomland Hardwood & Baldcypress Swamp
Roseland Refuge Mitigation Bank High and Low Phase Bottomland Hardwoods
South Fork Coastal Mitigation BankBottomland Hardwoods, Coastal Prairie & Emergent Marsh



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