The SHORE|LINKS® system offers a cost-effective, flexible and scalable approach for the protection and restoration of shorelines, stream banks and coastal wetlands. This system is based on building units of lightweight aggregate encapsulated in a biodegradable or poly mesh fabric that can be used for construction of barriers, breakwaters and shoreline revetment.

Because of the low density of these building blocks, they sink in seawater but rest on the surface of marsh sediments where they form a stable environment for colonization by emergent vegetation, oysters and other coastal life. Unlike protective structures created with concrete, rock or sand, structures constructed with SHORE|LINKS® do not rapidly subside into semi-fluid marsh sediments, but remain near the sediment surface where they accrete additional sediments and organic debris. When wave or current energy is a concern, multiple units are encased in rugged geogrid mesh to form articulating revetment mats, breakwaters and other structures that are anchored in position until they eventually become an integral and permanent part of a hardened substrate that continues to protect threatened shorelines.


Erosion control bags with aggregate enclosed in a porous natural or synthetic material.


Product Benefits

The unique characteristics of the lightweight aggregate make SHORE|LINKS® a low-cost solution for coastal wetland protection and restoration.

The flexible, tubular design interlocks to create a highly stable wall on submerged wetland surfaces, eliminating the need to first prepare a flat, level foundation.

The lightweight and moderate sizes of SHORE|LINKS® make them easy to handle in coastal environments.

Deploying the first few units establishes a ‘walkable’ surface to facilitate further construction of the structure in soft sediments. SHORE|LINKS® can also be used to create walkways and roadways in upland marsh to minimize traffic impact.

The size, weight and shape of SHORE|LINKS® can be easily modified to accommodate various applications.

Submersible Breakwater Logs

Articulating Reventment Matt

Technical Specifications

10 oz Non-Treated Burlap (Bio-degradable) or UV Resistant, Knitted Polyethylene
Expanded Clay Lightweight Aggregate (.53 Cubic Feet) Polyester or Nylon Stitching
25 lbs.
26”L x 17”W x 2.5”H



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