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Jace Jarreau

Jace Jarreau

Wetland Specialist

Jace joined Delta Land Services upon graduating from Louisiana State University in 2009. He received a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Renewable Natural Resources, with a concentration in Natural Resource Ecology and Management. His coursework in habitat, wildlife, and fisheries management prepared him for a career in doing what he loves.

Jace’s passion for the outdoors and habitat management began at a very young age. He has worked in food plot and farmland management for more than 20 years and has become extremely familiar with the management practices of Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. Jace‘s education included various field oriented courses associated with habitat restoration and manipulation. His hobbies and educational background have lent him the opportunity to see many properties under various management regimes and observe multiple outcomes as a result.

Jace continues to extend his education and knowledge of the industry through various training and certification classes. He is trained and certified in proficiency with GPS and GIS mapping equipment and software; he has completed the Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Training Program; he is certified in basic processes in hydric soils as well as advanced problems in hydric soil evaluation; and has completed his wetland plant identification certification. Most recently, he has completed Applied Fluvial Geomorphology (Level I), River Morphology and Applications (Level II), River Assessment and Monitoring (Level III), and River Restoration and Natural Channel Design (Level IV) courses as instructed by Dave Rosgen of Wildland Hydrology.

Jace is an outdoorsman through and through, and he brings a large amount of knowledge and expertise to Delta’s technical team.

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