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Introducing Delta’s First Nature-Based Climate Mitigation Project

Delta is proud to introduce the Avahoula Climate Mitigation Project (ACAP), a 7,200-acre afforestation/reforestation (A/R) carbon mitigation project located in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley of east-central Louisiana. The site is part of the Saline-Larto Complex, a large natural backwater system composed of Larto Lake, Saline Lake, Shad Lake, and numerous connecting lakes and bayous. The Saline-Larto Complex is a diverse and essential ecosystem that has experienced fragmentation over the last 70 years due to an increase in agriculture demands.

The ACAP will provide enormous environmental benefit to the threatened ecosystem of the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley, the nation’s largest floodplain. The site, which currently functions as agricultural crop production, is the last remaining gap amid 81,500 acres of preserved forests. The reforestation will consist of planting 3.5 million trees on 6,500 acres – restoring a crucial, forested corridor, while increasing wildlife habitat, improving downstream water quality, and sequestering atmospheric carbon. Once restored to its native bottomland hardwood and cypress swamp habitat, the ACAP will be the largest carbon development and A/R project in Louisiana and, perhaps, the entire southeastern United States.

Delta will apply the same level of dedication to conservation and high-quality ecological restoration to our Climate Mitigation Program as we have for the past 13 years. As a result, the ACAP will be protected through a perpetual conservation easement and the long-term stewardship of Delta Land Services. We are excited to announce this flagship project, as well as our expansion into the forest carbon market, meeting the growing demand for verified carbon credits generated from nature-based solutions.

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