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  • 19-Feb-2024

In 2023, Delta Land Services partnered with Earth Economics, a global leader in science-based economics, to value the broader benefits of their work restoring coastal wetlands. Delta began development of the Belle Pointe Coastal Mitigation Bank (BPCMB) in 2016. The…

South Fork 2.0!

  • 03-Feb-2023

We are thrilled to announce the approval of South Fork II Coastal Mitigation Bank(SFII).  Adjacent to the existing South Fork Coastal Mitigation Bank, SFII will restore (re-establish or rehabilitate) 130.7 acres of Fresh-Intermediate Marsh (FIM) and 91.3 acres of Coastal…

The Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley Meets Climate Tech

  • 03-Feb-2023

It brings us great joy to further advance our partnership with Pachama ( and to officially launch our Avahoula Climate Mitigation project.  Together, Delta and Pachama are working to initiate a Louisiana revival by restoring 6,500 acres of floodplain, providing…

Introducing Delta’s First Nature-Based Climate Mitigation Project

  • 14-Jul-2022

Delta is proud to introduce the Avahoula Climate Mitigation Project (ACAP), a 7,200-acre afforestation/reforestation (A/R) carbon mitigation project located in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley of east-central Louisiana. The site is part of the Saline-Larto Complex, a large natural backwater system…

USACE Visits Belle Pointe Coastal

  • 01-Jun-2022

Recently, we had the privilege of hosting members from various USACE districts at our Belle Pointe Coastal Mitigation Bank. These regulators joined us for a field trip as a part of a Regional Wetland Mitigation Training program hosted by the…

Let the Planting Begin

  • 18-Mar-2022

Planting season is always an exciting time of year for our team – it’s rewarding in that we get to finally implement our restoration work plans, adding to our growing restoration footprint in the gulf coast region; and we can…

A Suite of Bank Approvals

  • 17-Mar-2022

We are thrilled to announce the approval of three separate banks in Louisiana and Texas: Cow Branch Coastal Mitigation Bank Amendment One (CBCMBA1), Long Island Cove MitigationBank (LICMB), and Buenaventura Mitigation Bank (BMB). From southeast Louisiana to central Texas, we are…

Graham Creek Credit Release

  • 20-Jan-2021

In the heart of the Angelina National Forest, lies the diverse Graham Creek Mitigation Bank! The restoration at this bank includes the re-establishment and rehabilitation of stream channels, forested wetlands, and native longleaf pine uplands. Servicing both the USACE Galveston…

10 Years of Delta Land Services: Seedlings

  • 14-Jul-2020

Water Oak (Quercus nigra) A common tree, both in the wild and in our restoration projects, the water oak thrives in semi-wet to wet environments, thus the designation of Facultative-wetland[1] (FACW) by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Some…

Monitoring Forested Wetlands 101

  • 15-Jun-2020

Successful restoration projects are a staple of ours here at Delta. To ensure the progression of our projects, in both the short and long term, performance monitoring is essential. As regulated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE),…

Meeting the Demand in the Barataria and Pontchartrain Basins

  • 31-Oct-2019

Delta is pleased to continue to fulfill the mitigation needs of permit applicants in the Barataria and Pontchartrain Basins of Louisiana. To meet the high level of demand, we are developing the Beaver Creek Mitigation Bank (Pontchartrain Basin), the Cow…

Terrebonne Basin Expansion: Bayou Maringouin Ramah Tract Approved

  • 30-Oct-2019

Delta's Bayou Maringouin Ramah Tract, a 206-acre wetland mitigation area under Delta's Bayou Maringouin Umbrella Mitigation Bank, is approved! The restoration at the site will include the re-establishment of 109.8 bottomland hardwood (BLH) acres, the rehabilitation of 11.4 acres of…

More Texas Expansion

  • 30-Oct-2019

Delta's commitment to mitigation and restoration throughout the state of Texas is unquestionable. Our footprint has increased by 1,042 acres since January of this year, all of which are associated with our three new mitigation sites: the Buenaventura Mitigation Area,…


  • 12-Sep-2018

Delta's commitment to mitigation and restoration throughout Texas is unquestionable. Our footprint has increased by 2,936 acres since January of this year. The new sites consist of the Lake Creek Mitigation Area, the McCoy Ranch Mitigation Area, the Mont Belvieu…

New Houston Office

  • 12-Sep-2018

We opened the doors to our new satellite office, located in Bellaire, Texas. Our Texas team welcomes visitors and looks forward to growing their local technical staff.

Delta Joins Forces with EIP in a Gulf Coast Alliance

  • 30-Jul-2018

We wanted to inform you and your team of a recent Gulf Coast Alliance that Delta Land Services has established with Ecosystem Investment Partners (EIP). This new Gulf Coast Alliance applies to a portion of Delta's approved banks in southwest…

Delta’s Bayou Maringouin Umbrella  Mitigation Bank is Approved

  • 20-Mar-2018

Delta's Bayou Maringouin Umbrella Mitigation Bank, a 214.7 acre wetland mitigation bank located within the Terrebonne Basin is approved! The restoration at the site will include the re-establishment of 108.3 bottomland hardwood (BLH) acres and 35.1 baldcypress swamp (Swamp) acres,…


  • 20-Mar-2018

Delta Land Services has long utilized the services of skilled, licensed UAS videographers and aerial photographer to monitor, survey and market our large-scale restoration projects. As our footprint has grown throughout the New Orleans, Vicksburg, Galveston and Fort Worth USACE…


  • 18-Apr-2017

In addition to the aforementioned, new amendment acreage, Delta is happy to announce that we will soon have Pine Flatwood Savannah (PFS) credits available at Bunchs Creek Wetland Mitigation Bank in the Calcasieu River Basin of Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. The…

Approved Amendment Credit Now Available

  • 23-Jan-2017

Delta Land Services is pleased to announce the approval of our Laurel Valley Coastal Mitigation Bank Amendment in the Barataria Basin, as well as our Ponderosa Ranch of Pointe Coupee Mitigation Bank Amendment, in the Terrebonne Basin, with credit now…

Explore Delta’s New Website and Interactive Map

  • 13-Oct-2016

Delta’s new website is live! The newly designed version of was recently launched and features an innovative Interactive Map designed in collaboration with Antares Technology Solutions. The new map allows visitors to identify and explore Delta's collection of mitigation…

Check Out Brad’s New TV Series: Brad Farris’ Game Plan

  • 05-Aug-2014

Our favorite Mississippi boy made his second debut on the Sportsman Channel ( as the face and personality of his new show, Brad Farris' Game Plan. Check out Brad's new series and continue to follow him on his "REAL Hunting"…

TWO Corps Approved Banks in TWO Weeks

  • 05-Aug-2014

Moss Lake Mitigation Bank The Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District issued their final approval of Delta's Moss Lake Mitigation Bank, located in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. The Moss Lake Mitigation Bank can now offset forested, scrub-shrub and emergent wetland impacts…

New Additions to Our Team

  • 05-Aug-2014

Lee Walters Wetland Ecologist and Restoration Specialist A 2001 graduate of Louisiana State University, Lee obtained a Bachelor of Science in Forestry Management; and in 2007, he obtained a Master of Science in Environmental Sciences. Lee joined Delta in the…

Moss Lake Mitigation

  • 05-Aug-2014

The Moss Lake Mitigation Bank can now offset forested, scrub-shrub and emergent wetland impacts for permit applicants in Southwest Louisiana.

Delta Land Services Celebrates its 5-Year Anniversary

  • 05-Aug-2014

Achieving 5-Years of Wetland & Stream Mitigation Excellence 8 Approved Mitigation Banks 29 Total Mitigation Projects 5 Pending Mitigation Banks and Addendums 16 Employees 13 Approved PRM Projects 8,843 Mitigation Credit Acres

Delta Introduces a Coastal Mitigation Site in Southeast Louisiana

  • 05-Aug-2014

Delta is happy to announce its expansion into the Louisiana Coastal Zone in Southeast Louisiana. The Laurel Valley Coastal Mitigation Bank is the newest addition to Delta's project footprint. Located in Lafourche Parish, the site will be able to provide…

Enviromental Report

Terry Bradshaw Teams Up with Delta Land Services

  • 11-Jul-2014

Delta Land makes the big screen with Terry Bradshaw. Check out our segment in The Environmental Report's "Effective Mitigation Solutions to Meet Today's Environmental Challenges"! The feature will be aired in up to 50 different markets. It will be seen…

Delta to Expand its Project Footprint to Southwest Louisiana

  • 18-Feb-2013

Delta's project footprint continues to expand with the anticipated growth of the energy sector in Southwest Louisiana. With transporters and developers currently using our services, Delta's primary focus has been to anticipate industry growth in key areas; so that potential…

Delta Land in Mississippi

  • 02-May-2012

Delta Land has committed to a project site in Mississippi! Little Bayou Pierre Mitigation Area is located in Claiborne County, adjacent to Bayou Pierre, and is proposed to be a 230-acre mitigation bank.

2012 Planting Season: A Complete Success

  • 20-Apr-2012

Delta's planting team worked long hours throughout the months of January and February. The team planted 1.1 million seedlings for a total of 2,300 acres this year. Most of the planting was done in Concordia Parish, LA at the Roseland…

Delta Land Services Newsletter

  • 12-Apr-2012

Delta Land Services is happy to launch our inaugural newsletter to keep you informed of our latest projects and events. The first quarter of 2012 was eventful but exciting for Delta, with various new developments outside of just wetland mitigation.…

Sasol Logo

Delta Land Services Newsletter

  • 12-Apr-2012

Delta Land Services, L.L.C. (Delta) was recently selected by Sasol North America Inc. to provide a comprehensive wetland mitigation solution to compensate for permitted wetland impacts as required under section 404 of the Clean Water Act. The mitigation solution will…

Oak Land Mitigation Bank Approved

  • 12-Apr-2012

The Vicksburg Corps approved the Oak Land Mitigation Bank this month! Delta will restore 234 acres of bottomland hardwoods and baldcypress swamp, with potential expansion to 459 total bank acres. The project is located in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana.

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