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Delta’s Bayou Maringouin Umbrella  Mitigation Bank is Approved

Delta’s Bayou Maringouin Umbrella Mitigation Bank, a 214.7 acre wetland mitigation bank located within the Terrebonne Basin is approved! The restoration at the site will include the re-establishment of 108.3 bottomland hardwood (BLH) acres and 35.1 baldcypress swamp (Swamp) acres, and will preserve another 47.8 BLH acres. Under the Louisiana Rapid Assessment Method (LRAM), the BLH wetlands generate 4.6 LRAM credits per acre and the Swamp wetlands generate 6.5 LRAM credits per acre. The Bank is approved to offset US Army Corps of Engineers permitted impacts to jurisdictional wetlands. This is Delta’s first Umbrella Mitigation Banking Instrument (MBI).  The Umbrella MBI establishes the mitigation bank, allowing the expedited review of similar sites to be added to the instrument under the same controlling language.  Delta anticipates adding a second site to the Umbrella Bank this year.
Check out the virtual tour of the Bayou Maringouin Umbrella Mitigation Bank site:
Bayou Maringouin Umbrella Mitigation Bank
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