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In 2023, Delta Land Services partnered with Earth Economics, a global leader in science-based economics, to value the broader benefits of their work restoring coastal wetlands.

Delta began development of the Belle Pointe Coastal Mitigation Bank (BPCMB) in 2016. The 387.6-acre Wetland Mitigation Bank was previously agricultural land, which flooded frequently, requiring regular pumping to allow for farming. Annual sugar cane burns released smoke and ash, and seasonal agrichemical treatments exacerbated local community health.

Delta restored the site to coastal bottomland hardwood and coastal cypress swamp, with additional investments to support ecosystem services and biodiversity, such as protecting wetlands important for wading birds and waterfowl, removing non-native species, and purchasing an additional 187-acre wildlife corridor to connect to a nearby wildlife management area.

Restoring wetland ecosystems improves several ecosystem services of great social, economic, and environmental value to communities. Earth Economics found that restored forested wetlands provide $3 million in benefits each year — $1,813 per person to nearby residents and students. By permanently protecting the wetlands, the bank will create $101 million (USD 2021) in ecosystem services.


Map of extents used in beneficiary map analysis


Through restoration, the following groups will receive benefits:

  • 93 to 177 homeowners’ properties gain value by beautifying the area

  • 1,506 residents will likely experience health benefits due to improved air quality

  • 1,100 students will likely benefit from better air quality

  • 42,100 residents of St. John the Baptist Parish directly benefit from water quality improvements and a more resilient water supply system

  • 434,000 nearby residents benefit from the expansion of green space in a heavily industrialized area

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