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Nature-Based Climate Mitigation

As industries focus on achieving net-zero carbon emissions, Delta is positioned to help businesses achieve this goal through nature-based climate solutions in the most risk-averse and turn-key way possible.

Our focus on carbon capture is by way of forests, increasing the growth of existing forests through afforestation/reforestation, improved forest management, and/or preserving existing forested land and grasslands under threat of development.

Unlike other traditional carbon reduction options on the market, Delta has created a unique system that provides a sustainable footprint for years to come. That means when you pledge to be net-zero by a certain year, you will be able to deliver without scrambling to find last-minute opportunities. And with increasing pressure from shareholders, customers and society, you can’t afford to remain stagnant.

As a mitigation company, with long-term restoration and conservation ingrained into our culture and operations, we are willing to go above and beyond the benchmarks set for the voluntary carbon offset market.

When you work with conservation programs that use the approach of leasing land, rather than purchasing it, you run a substantial risk to your net-zero pledge. There is no guarantee that the leased land will remain leasable for the long-term, nor is there a guarantee that the prices won’t be adjusted over the years as more regulations are put into place and land prices increase.

Lowest-Risk Option

When you work with Delta, we assume the risk with you. We are the landowners and offer long-term contracting with fixed credit prices that are set by today’s standards.

In addition, we are willing to put our properties under perpetual easement, which is in direct alignment with our mitigation banking operations. This type of commitment is a more meaningful form of protection and adds a level of conservation value that can be extended into a lengthier crediting period (i.e., 80-100 years), further strengthening the permanence value associated with carbon crediting.

Our structure removes the variability associated with landowner tenants who aren’t aligned with the goals of the restoration project and could potentially dedicate their property to other opportunities to maximize the land value. This approach meets the “gold standard” we aspire towards on our nature-based climate mitigation projects.

High-Quality Carbon Offset Credits

Delta’s approach to carbon mitigation projects naturally results in value-added components for successful and high-performing nature-based climate solutions.

From non-permanence buffer pools of carbon to specific additionality protocols and everything in between, Delta has considered all aspects of providing high-quality carbon offset credits. This also includes the enhancement of long-term benefits for local communities and the environment.

When it comes to your business’s climate mitigation plan, you need a partner who offers accountability and transparency to ensure you reach your goals. That’s why Delta monitors with on-the-ground measurements, analyzes and reports regularly.

Turn-Key Approach

As a turn-key operation, Delta can offer a unit price for carbon credits that accounts for all costs pertaining to land acquisition, project development, and maintenance/monitoring efforts.

Our objective is to deliver high-quality restoration projects that meet the needs of our clients, while removing all client liabilities and locking-in today’s carbon credit price free of future market variability.


Over the past 13 years, Delta has committed to the long-term stewardship of nearly 37,000 restoration acres. Throughout this time, Delta has implemented 69 site protection instruments (e.g., perpetual conservation easements), as well as 100+ dedicated short-term financial assurances and long-term endowments.

As a result, Delta has an established track record of sustainable restoration that is not only ecologically sound but is also designed to meet its economic objectives.

When you partner with Delta, we become part of the project team, equally committed to the successful restoration and high credit yields for your business over time.

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