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Delta’s in-house ecological expertise includes coastal prairie specialists. Our coastal prairie proficiencies have been proven through the successful establishment of Delta’s approved South Fork Coastal Mitigation Bank, a 1,563.1 acre wetland mitigation bank that, among other wetland systems, comprises 508.9 acres of coastal prairie wetlands, and Delta’s Moss Lake Mitigation Bank, a 301.2 acre mitigation bank with 117.2 acres of coastal prairie wetlands.

Coastal prairie establishment and management requires extensive knowledge of historic prairie range, available prairie species, prairie soils, and long-term management of herbaceous systems. In addition to staff ecologists, such as Dr. Bill DeLany, Delta’s team collaborates with eminent coastal prairie ecologists/scientists across the Gulf Coastal Region. These collaborations include regular field visits to coastal prairie sites throughout Louisiana and Texas to maintain and expand on our knowledge of these precious and complex ecosystems.

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