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Restoring and preserving the environment and its ecosystems what we do here at Delta. We offer a number of specialized environmental services to aid in these efforts.

Restoration Services

Our team of Professional Wetland Scientists, Certified Foresters and Certified Wildlife Biologists have extensive experience restoring, enhancing, and preserving streams and wetland systems throughout the southeastern United States. Once a mitigation site is approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, we make a long-term commitment to reestablish or rehabilitate the previously compromised wetland or other aquatic resource to return its natural or historic functions and characteristics.

The ecosystem and restoration industry has seen rapid growth in recent years. Our in-house personnel excels as a leader in ecology, stream design, wetland restoration, hydrology, and engineering to restore and conserve streams, wetlands, and endangered species habitats.

Our restoration services include:

  • Locating and acquiring the best properties and develop an effective approach for implementation
  • Assessing existing conditions to determine unique site characteristics
  • Determining wetland functionality and subsurface hydrology
  • Providing a detailed stream restoration design when needed – based on natural channel design principles
  • Coordinating with appropriate regulatory agencies for required permit approvals
  • Providing financial assurances
  • Restoring original features to the land
  • Ensuring project success through post-construction monitoring

Land Management Services

With in-house wildlife biologists, foresters and wetland scientists, Delta has an extensive amount of recreational knowledge and wildlife expertise and can assist landowners and clients with complete land management, while also maximizing the habitat for wildlife and recreational uses of the land. We are committed to being innovative and well informed about recreational and commercial land management issues.

Our land services include:

  • Property assessment
  • Timber management
  • Habitat management
  • Food plot layout and design
  • Annual and perennial recommendations (commercial and wildlife)
  • Road and access planning
  • Agricultural plantings
  • Commercial and wildlife recommendations (beans, corn, rice, etc.)
  • Road and access planning
  • U.S.D.A Farm Bill Program assistance
  • Deer and waterfowl developments
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