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Locating suitable property for mitigation is one of the more time consuming, capital intensive, and challenging components of mitigation banking. While we prefer to own the properties ultimately used for mitigation, we understand landowner partnerships may sometimes be the better approach. By partnering with existing landowners for certain projects, we can better establish properties customized to meet your specific needs for the type of habitat to be restored and in the right location to your impacts.

Entering into a landowner partnership with Delta can be very beneficial to landowners. The idea of conserving large amounts of acreage in perpetuity under the management and maintenance of a third party is very appealing. The landowner can keep their property for recreational purposes, without the burden of future generations having to maintain the property.

We currently manage and sponsor thousands of acres through landowner partnerships in Louisiana and Texas. If you are interested in putting your property(s) into wetland and/or stream mitigation, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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