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New Additions to Our Team

Lee Walters
Wetland Ecologist and Restoration Specialist

A 2001 graduate of Louisiana State University, Lee obtained a Bachelor of Science in Forestry Management; and in 2007, he obtained a Master of Science in Environmental Sciences. Lee joined Delta in the summer of 2013 and is involved with technical development and the management of wetland restoration projects.

Prior to joining Delta, he was a Natural Resource Specialist for C-K Associates, an environmental consulting firm in Baton Rouge, LA. For the past 11 years, Lee has primarily focused on wetland delineation, wetland permitting, wetland restoration and mitigation, habitat mapping and surveys, threatened and endangered species surveys and oil spill response. As an environmental consultant, Lee was directly involved with the development of 11 approved wetlands mitigation banks within the USACE New Orleans District and the USACE Vicksburg District. He has also been directly involved with the development of several permittee-responsible mitigation projects in South Louisiana, as well as habitat restoration projects for oil spill damages.

Lee is experienced and proficient in GPS and GIS mapping software. He has also completed the Wetland Training Institute Wetland Delineation course.

Drew Fowler
Wetland Ecologist

Drew joined Delta Land Services in July, 2013. He recently completed his Masters of Science from Louisiana State University, studying arid wetland systems at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico in May, 2013. Drew received his Bachelors of Science from Texas A&M University with a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences in 2010.

His work is driven by a strong appreciation for wetland conservation and a curiosity of ecosystem functions. His academic and research background includes soil and hydrological interactions, soil chemistry, and wetland management. In addition he has also spent time assisting various other researchers in waterfowl and avian ecology and has a strong understanding of the Southeast’s diverse wetland systems.

His current role at Delta is conducting ecological field investigations, data analysis and technical report writing. His background in wetland biogeochemical relationships adds strength to Delta’s analytical capabilities in determining how these relationships affect ecological restoration projects.

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