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Chad Butler

chad butler

Texas Regulatory Manager

Chad Butler joined Delta Land Services in 2015 as the company’s first employee to office in Texas.  His 20 years of experience in the environmental consulting field and his Corps permitting knowledge are the foundation for Delta’s growing presence as a mitigation provider in Texas.  Chad is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, where he gained a B.S. in Forestry with a Wildlife Management Emphasis.  Before joining Delta, Chad held project manager positions with Perennial Environmental Services and Turner Collie & Braden, Inc./AECOM, where he gained extensive experience in permitting and compliance under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulations and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  Chad’s permitting experience in Texas allows Delta to provide support and consultation to permit applicants in addition to assisting with mitigation assessments, impact reviews, costs analysis and alternatives analysis.  His experience and working relationships with the regulators within the Fort Worth and Galveston Corps Districts afford further support to the permitting process, outside of mitigation requirements.  As the Texas Regulatory Manager, Chad manages all of Delta’s Texas mitigation properties as well as the Houston staff.  He also plays an essential role in mitigation site identification, assessment, and selection, in addition to the development of all mitigation banking instruments and permittee-responsible mitigation plans in the Fort Worth and Galveston Corps Districts.

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