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Winship Songy

Win Songy

CFO / Chief of Staff

Winship graduated from Louisiana State University in 2005 and began his career at Turner Industries Group in Business Development and Marketing. After receiving his Masters’ of Business Administration in 2007 from the Flores MBA Program at Louisiana State University, Winship worked as a Workforce Development and Training Manager for Turner Industries Group in its corporate headquarters located in Baton Rouge. In 2009, Winship left Turner Industries Group and has managed day to day finances and business planning for Delta Land Services, his responsibilities include oversight of all financial transactions associated with acquisition of sites for development into mitigation banks and/or permittee responsible mitigation projects.  This oversight is inclusive monthly cash flow models, yearly budgetary estimates, and enterprise asset valuation.  Winship is the main point of contact for contract negotiations, financial banking relationships and cost accounting.  Additionally, he is responsible for the implementation of landowner partnership agreements, development and recordation of conservation servitude documentation and managing the financial assurances and long-term endowments for each mitigation project.

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